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Friday, June 6, 2014

No More What-Ifs

Imagine you have to undergo eye surgery. Unfortunately there is a chance it won't be successful, and you'll go blind. To make up for the risk, the insurance company is paying for a whole month of soaking up memories. What do you want to see and do?

This prompt left me asking so many questions. First was, why would I be having eye surgery? Is it elective? In that case, this whole hypothetical situation is a moot point. I do not do elective surgery. But, what if it was medically necessary?  What would it be treating? What could it possibly be correcting with such a high risk? If I opted out of surgery, what would be the worst case scenario? (Blindness seems like pretty much the worse thing to happen as far as your eyes go.....)

If I take this prompt at face value, not asking any further questions, I end up with a pretty quick answer.

I do nothing. I continue on with my life as usual. Trying to cram in memories leads to disappointments and more heartbreak. Instead, I would continue on living the way I do now. For every moment.

Simple, easy.

But, if I was to elaborate, I would say that I refuse to give this scenario much thought. Life is full of what ifs. Moments that could go wrong and alter your future forever. Worrying and pondering will not change the outcome but it will interfere with the moments you still have.

This prompt was a challenge in many ways. I wanted to write more, post something I really loved. But the reality, the truth is, I don't love this prompt. I don't like "what ifs." I have no time for them, I allowed them to rule my life for way too long, years ago. I am done worrying about what may be, what could be, and am focused on what is.

I have way too much to be thankful for to waste time worrying about the things I cannot change.


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  1. what a tough post, I would have a hard time writing it. I started to cry thinking I would never see my son's face again...sniffles. I like the way you handled it though...just live life

  2. Good morning! I'm a tired mama today and don't have brain power to come up with anything smart to say, but I like that you're allowing yourself to live without what-ifs. Now... would you make a post about how you were able to make that change? Cause it's something I'm still working on. :)

  3. I completely understand where you're coming from. "What if" can cause you to spend so much time in your head that you forget to live your life.

  4. Succinct. I like it. Tough subject.

  5. I agree completely!! You have to live for today! No regrets!
    Love what you did with your prompt!!

  6. It's always best to appreciate what we are faced & blessed with than get lost in "what if" land.

  7. When I submitted this prompt I was thinking about how I would want to see people who are important to me, and go to a couple of places I love. Just to spend a moment of conscious gratefulness.
    Michelle, I am sorry if I have have stirred up things that belong to the past!

  8. I completely and totally agree with you. Way, way, WAY too many "what ifs". Too many missed opportunities realized at a moment when you can't take them......

  9. I absolutely get it. Totally. Excellent answer.

  10. I would have a hard time with this prompt too. My sight and hearing are both so precious to me, because I can see my children and I can hear their laughter. I'd be heartbroken if I didn't have that ability....